Dental Smiles Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

DSD is a treatment planning tool used to help you and your dentist communicate and visualize the design outcome through detailed videos and photographs of your mouth.

Aside from the physical aspects of your face and mouth, we will also study your emotional needs, which are also a part of the treatment plan.

One example of a DSD tool is the iTero scanner. Intraoral scanners provide thorough views of every angle of the mouth. Dentists can see the images in real time, allowing them to confirm they’re capturing what they need the first time.

The Digital Smile Design Process

If you’re interested in Digital Smile Design, the first step is to look for a practitioner in your area and schedule a consultation. Once you decide to have the DSD procedure, your dentist will take 3D photos and videos of your mouth using an intraoral scanner. The data is then transferred to the DSD software.

At this point your dentist will review them and consider restoration options for your teeth. You’ll also see the images and visualize the results that you can expect from the procedure.

These images are also beneficial to the dental lab in creating a more realistic model for you, taking into account the proportions of your face and mouth.

With DSD, you’re in control of the treatment results. You’re involved every step of the way and you’re also encouraged to let your dentist know about your wants and needs. The treatment process will only begin once you approve the model and predicted images of your smile makeover.

What Makes DSD Unique

While several dental clinics use digital imaging software or technology, not all have access to the DSD tool which offers a complete solution.

Despite best efforts, sometimes it can be challenging for you and your dental team to communicate your needs and their recommendations. DSD gives patients a clear vision of how their smiles will look at the end of treatment, and it provides dentists with a means to communicate outcomes better. And it offers everyone greater predictability of your results from the start of the process. At Wing Dental, we are proud to offer DSD in developing a treatment plan for our patients.

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