Pediatric Dentistry (Children's Dentistry)

The team at Wing Dental are passionate about children and our main priority is giving each child a positive dental start. Each child is an individual who deserves compassion, understanding, and patience. With this in mind, the first introduction of a child to the dental office, dental equipment, general dentist, and team we use a simple method of show-tell-do which simply means education of what something is, informing what we will be doing, and then gently doing it.

For those children who are nervous, our dentist will have the parent assist us in show-tell-do to ease into becoming comfortable in a new environment and making it a positive experience. We do not believe in forcing anything, as comfort in a dental environment can only come if a child understands and trusts.

The Alberta Dental Association recommends that all children have their first dental exam by 1 year of age. This first check-up includes not only an examination of the teeth but also the growth of the jawbones, the condition of the tongue, palate, tonsils/throat, floor of the mouth, TMJ, and the lymph nodes of the head and neck.

Call us or make an appointment, we would be honoured to introduce your child to dentistry in a fun and positive way!

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