Same Day Extractions And Implant Placement

Wing Dental offers immediate dental implants with same-day extractions to help the patients with quicker healing time and final restoration/implant crown. This means that patients will have an implant and crown totally finished in 4-6 months versus the traditional methods of implant/crown placements which could take upwards of 12 months instead.

We also can offer immediately extracted front teeth and immediate implant placement and immediate temporary tooth restoration (all done on the same day) so that the patient will have a "front tooth" sooner and not need to wear a "flipper partial" while things heal. This shortens the patient's healing time, usually half, and helps to aesthetically preserve and guide gum tissue for a much better final result.

Dr. Wing is pleased to be able to offer PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) technique which aids in the healing of the soft and hard tissues.

  • We offer full-mouth tooth extractions and in certain circumstances, same-day immediate multiple implant placements for same-day denture attachments which Dr. Wing calls "bolt down dentures".
  • We offer IV sedation and wisdom teeth extraction with Dr. Kirk Chambers. Dr. Chambers has been coming to Peace River regularly every 4-6 weeks to do these surgeries for the past seventeen years.

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